502: Writer & Narrator Lane Lloyd – SABLE Podcast

502.pngIn episode 502 of the 9th Story Podcast Immortal Alexander and I had the honor of having Lane Llyod (creator of the mind-bendingly awesome podcast, “Sable”) on the show! And we played a little bit with our format.

In this episode you 1st get to hear a short story narrated by Immortal Alexander that he had posted here on Horror Made. The story is “The Night Whisperers” so if you’re feeling like having a little read-along horror time you can find the story here: The Night Whisperers.

And to listen to our episode, you can find that here: http://podcast.9thstory.com/502/

Or by subscribing to the show on your favorite podcatcher and scrolling back to episode 502.

Listen and Subscribe:

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I hope your day is a delightfully inspired one!

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