Hello my friends! Today’s artwork comes fresh from an inpromptu #Inktober live stream this morning. I was feeling ambitious apparently… But let me get out of the way and share a little inspiration so I can start reading your poems. 🙂 Oh, and reminders about the contests are at the end of this post today!

To Inspire You:

inktober gigantic castle2 blog sized.png

A little stroll took
me on a new adventure
there’s no turning back.

~Jeanette Andromeda

Created By You:

Last week’s prompt came from the divide. Here’s what shadows you found lurking to share with the world:

Contest and Updates:

In case you’d like to see the live video replay, here you go:

Keep an eye on the Horror Made Shop today, I will be uploading all of my inktober work throughout the course of the day so ya’ll can snag some prints if you’d like.

And remember to either tweet me with the hashtag #HorrorMade2017 or just retweet my pinned post on twitter to enter to win a fancy pants prize pack from me which will include some original inktober art for you.

Keep it creepy ❤

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