Welcome my friends!

Today I would like to offer another episode from the stacks of the Wicked Library Podcast to entertain you and keep you company while the weekend takes hold:

Episode 703 “Shadows” by K.B. Goddard


Blurb: In this Victorian tale, the lovely Isabella has two suitors interested in winning her hand. When she picks a favorite, to what lengths will the other go in order to win her over?


You can listen to the show and find all of the show notes here: TheWickedLibrary.com/703 or you can subscribe and scroll back to episode 703 in your favorite podcastcher. But be warned. After a few seasons these shows go into the Library archives, so catch them while you can!

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A little more info

This story was written by K.B. Goddard with narration by Amber Collins and Dan Foytik. (If you didn’t know, Amber is also the voice of Victoria on the Lift Podcast and Dan created it!) The music was composed by Tom Rory Parsons with show artwork by Alex Murd.

Keep creepin’ ❤


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