To Inspire You:

From my #Inktober Adventures 🙂


 The experiment
was going well, all too well.
Now. How to stop them?

~Jeanette Andromeda

Created by You:

Last week Edward (aka Nano Horror or @TweetstheCreeps) wrote a long form poem based on last week’s “Taking the Path”. I HIGHLY recommend popping over to his blog to give it a read. Your nostalgia is going to be kicked into high gear. Here’s his post:

What the heck is #HorrorHaikuesday?

A game we play every week on Twitter. Use the #HorrorHaikuesday in your post and you’ll join a whole bunch of poets creating little haiku of horror every Tuesday. If you end up using my artwork as your inspiration, I’ll add your poem to next week’s post. 🙂

How Can You Take  Piece of Haikuesday Home with You?

Hell Yeah! There are two ways to enter the #HorrorMade2017 giveaway.

Follow me on Twitter and share this pinned post:


Follow me on Facebook and share the pinned post on the front of my page:

Winners will be randomly selected the 1st week of November and will receive one of my original Inktober pieces, and a handmade #HorrorHaikuesday pencil case. (Prototypes to be shared soon.) Along with a few other mysterious prizes.

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