haloween podcasts 2017I was only going to post 2 posts today, but then as I was setting up to finish my artwork for John Clewarth’s Story (coming out at 9pm tonight), I realized you guys might enjoy my Halloween podcast playlist. So here are 13 Halloween episodes from podcasts I love:

1) For the writers and readers out there: 9th Story Podcast- Your First Novel, Expectations Vs Reality. Featuring the Author of Cirque Du Freak: Darren Shan.608-768x768

2) For short stories to make your skin crawl: The Wicked Library- Extra Wicked Halloween 2017

3) For a Twilight Zone flair with a lot of heart, and some chills along the way: The Lift- “The Future Behind” by Tony Sarrecchia.

4) For creeping tales of terror with a creepypasta vibe: The No Sleep Podcast. In fact they’ve been sharing 6 DAYS of Halloween content, so make sure to lurk a while to enjoy every devilish bite they have to offer.  Episode 25 – the Season 9 Finale! S9E25_1000poster

5) For personal ghost stories to keep you looking over your shoulder: Anything Ghost- Halloween Special (Part 1)

6) For Urban legends, history, and psychology all mixed into an entertaining and informative podcast: Just a Story: Episode 100: Vodou Crossroads

7) FOr more history and horror mixed together in a fun and inviting way: History Goes Bump- HGB Halloween 2017

8) For and epic story that will rock your multiverse: Sable. Though, If you haven’t been listening to this show already, start at the beginning, it’s a continuing story that makes no sense if you start in the middle. That being said, they did put out a stand alone story for Halloween where you can jump right in: Ray Costly and the Court of Red (Part 1).


9) For a weird fiction podcast that I ADORE: Uncanny County-  Here’s their website, and here’s the episode on Stitcher.
10) For ghost stories and paranormal explorations with a wicked southern charm: Hillbilly Horror Stories- This particular episode is about a haunted plantation!

Extra_Special_Halloween_Special_201711) For horror movie reviews taken in a hilarious direction: Trick or Treat Radio- 6th Annual Trick or Treat Radio Extra Special Halloween Special

12) For something fun and a little off-beat: Throwdown Thursday Podcast- For Halloween they have a series called, “Interviews with a Shark Dressed Man.” Immortal Alexander and I make an appearance on one of these episodes! Episode 1 and Episode 2

13) For a look behind the scenes of indie horror filmmaking: The Scream Sisters- And on this particular episode Immortal Alexander and I join the show to talk about our experiences in creating indie horror films.

That should keep you busy for a while… Anyway, back to illustrating tonight’s story!

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