Welcome back my friends!

November has taken over and now we’ll start to see the creep of Christmas into our pumpkin spiced beers but Halloween is never dead here on Horror Made and certainly not today! Today we have winners of the 2017 Horror Made Prize pack to announce! So I’ll leave you with our usual inspiration with winners announced at the end of the post. 🙂

To Inspire You:


The nights grow colder
And she can be seen dancing
Among the moonbeams

~Jeanette Andromeda

Created by You:

Your haikuing skills were on fire last week! Let’s take a peek as some of the poems you made!







Winners Announced!

Thank you all for playing along this October and helping my little blog to grow by sharing the tweets and liking my Facebook Page. I used a random number generator to pick a few numbers for me and then I counted down the list of retweets, likes etc and found the corresponding person. 2 people were picked from Twitter and 1 was picked from Facebook. (2 because there were 2 way to enter. Using the hashtags and retweeting the pinned post.)

Here are our winners!

From Twitter:

Chris Mentillo aka  @docmentillo

Christine R. aka @mysticmoony44 !

From Facebook:

Russell Bernstien!

Congratulations to our winners and thank you from the bottom of my candy coated heart to everyone of you who play along with me every week. To the winners I will be contacting you soon to go over all the details.

Stay creative my friends! ❤


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