To Inspire You:

Something interesting has joined our little corner of the internet poetry community and that is a new show called Totaltext Live. David Bailey (aka @Dbfuturist42 on Twitter) has started doing live video chats about poetry and the role it plays in your lives today. If you don’t have a chance to catch the show live, don’t worry, all of the episodes are currently available on his YouTube channel. Which you can find here: Totaltext Live Playlist.

I’m enjoying the conversations he’s started and I’m very curious to see what topics he and his guests will explore in the future. Anybody else feel like we’re creating a resurgence in poetry together? Because I sure as heck do, and that makes me so incredibly happy to think so.

Now, on to the Horror Haikuesday events.


Falling from grace was
not a result but a choice
that she reveled in.
~Jeanette Andromeda

Created by You:

Last week we danced on graves together with artwork from the Ghost of All Hallows Eve. Let us see when the dance took us.





Thank you my friends for making Tuesday something I look forward to every week. I’ll see you all next time! ❤


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