When I was a kid my family would regularly go on really long road trips. And I can remember sitting in the back seat of my Dad’s truck staring out the window at the black landscape imagining various thing trying to run along side the car. It was a way to keep entertained while stuck in stasis for 14 hours. But after hearing THIS story from the Wicked Library, I’m really glad that I never saw the Road Man.

Listen Here:


706 TWL Road Man

More Info About the Episode:

“The Road Man”

Lights on the highway through the desert disappear in impossible ways and three mystified young brothers on a family road trip wonder why. The same car keeps passing them in the night, year after year after year on summer road trips and the boys fear it is the dreaded Road Man. This isn’t Area 51 and there are no aliens in sight, but the Road Man owns this stretch of all but deserted highway and he’s no urban legend. (http://thewickedlibrary.com/706/)

This story was written by Aaron Vlek with artwork by Steven Matiko and narration by Daniel Foytik.  And oh, hey! I did the post show interview with the author on this episode! 😉

Have a wicked weekend my friends!

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