To Inspire You:

the long haikuesday wait

Forgotten Bride

Each day she rests her head,
on cushions made of stone.
Her lifeless eyes
gaze up into unforgiving skies.
As she lies dormant,
Eternity fits into the spaces
between her breaths.
And sorrow fills the cavity of her chest.
But be wary, dear traveler,
as you tread those paths,
for vengeance has become her only song.
~Jeanette Andromeda

Created by You:







Creating Together:

Coming up in the Haikuesday future there will be more posts supporting you guys! If you would like to submit a Horror Haiku or Dark Poetry of a different format, send an email to Jeanette [at] with “Haikuesday” in the subject. Let’s make some scary magic in 2018.

See you next week! And stay creative my friends ❤



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