With Christmas almost here and Hanukkah already in full swing I wanted to wish you wonderful people “Happy Holidays!” And to share my vicious attack on the food associated with this time of year. LOL.

Don’t worry, I’m just getting even. This past month I’ve been struggling with some sort of gallbladder issue which has meant eating anything can leave me doubled over in pain. Fun, right? So in today’s piece I admit. I’m the elf on the shelf that shoved the gingerbread man in. Take that for what you will…

To Inspire You:

haikuesday xmas 2017.jpg

Dear Gingerbread Man

Run run as fast as
you can,  I will catch you and
complete my next plan.

Your cheers and taunts will
sound so sweet, bubbling up
from below my feet.

XOXO ~ Jeanette Andromeda

Created By You:

Last week we had a few brews to talk over, here’s what you guys created.

Created With You:

Last week I had the pleasure of joining David Bradley Bailey on his show, Total Text Live. We talked about #HorrorHaikuesday, how it got started and the micro-poetry culture growing on Twitter. If you missed watching it live, no worries. Here’s the recording from last week. 🙂

Stay creative my friends! And Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! And Happy Winter Solstice!

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