Happy New Year my Haikuesday friends! We have a fresh start and a whole new year of shivers and chilling laughter to create together and I couldn’t be more excited! What will we make of 2018?

To Inspire You:

Clouds full

The Blood Moon Rises.

It’s heat stings like that of the noon-day sun.
But it is across the barren expanse
that greatness will be found.
And so,
white knuckled
we grip to the hope
that forward momentum will be enough
to make it through to the other side.
The long journey into the burning night begins.

~Jeanette Andromeda


Created By You:

Last year (last week) you all created poetry based on the visual prompt in Slipping Through The Fingers of #HorrorHaikuesday. Let’s see how we said goodbye to 2017:

Did any of you make some New Year’s Resolutions? One of mine is to (after today…) Actually start posting Haikuesday posts at 9am EST again. That means scheduling these puppies instead of doing them on Tuesday mornings XD. The other is to bring more featured artists and featured poets onto the blog each week. So if you have anyone you would recommend, or would like to join in. Just let me know! You can reach me at Jeanette@horrormade.com.

Happy New Year my creative friends! ❤

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