Although I can hear death’s rattle today, I will not answer it’s call. (Don’t worry, too much about me, I’m just feeling mellow-dramtic about a head cold.)

But woe is me!

For with each wheezing breath I find the vibrant colors and joy of life fade around me to shades of white and grey! (That could also be because of the snow storms we’ve been having…)

Though my hands shake and my head nods at the effort, I will prevail! For Horror Haikueday will be stopped by no plague or threat of death and will continue to call from even the depths of my very grave.

To Inspire You:

summons 1


Heed her call
As it echoes across the frozen night.
For to answer her is
To invite terror into your home,
And havoc into your heart.
But to ignore, is to invite
Hell itself.

~Jeanette Andromeda

Created by You:

Last week the prompt was A Fresh #HorrorHaikuesday Start. Let’s see what you created with it:

And here’s one from the week before:

Thank you all for keeping my spirits up, even when breathing (or rather, lack thereof) is keeping me down. I hope you’re all well and I look forward to playing #HorrorHaikuesday with you again next Tuesday here and on Twitter!

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