To Inspire You:

a light in the dark 2

Claimed For Her Own

Through the howling winds of the frozen night
I can hear her footsteps fall
with a hollow
as she crosses
the creaking boards of the ship’s deck.
Each hollow fall of her heel signaling one less
of my panicked heart.
I had thought,
I had prayed,
I had hoped,
that this close to the edge of the world
surrounded by the seas of oblivion
I would be far enough to be free of her icy touch.
I had thought wrong
I had not prayed hard enough
I had hoped in vain.
For her footfalls have landed just outside my door,
and I know she has come
to claim me at last.

~Jeanette Andromeda

Created by You:

Here’s what you created to answer the #HorrorHaikuesday Summons last week.



Thanks Kerry!  ❤





Created With One of You:

On this week’s 9th Story Podcast episode, Immortal Alexander and I interview one of Haikuesday’s own, Kylie Goetz! You wouldn’t believe the amount of poetry she has memorized! If you’d like to hear from one of your fellow poets, follow this link to find and listen to the



Thanks for joining me on this adventure and I’ll see you next week with another #HorrorHaikuesday challenge! Stay creative my friends! ❤

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