Welcome to the 1st Haikuesday of February! February in the Horror world means Women in Horror Month. Each week, along with the usual artwork and poetry I will be shouting out of my favorite lady horror makers.

To Inspire You:

2 6 2018 altar 2.png

When the Abyss Answers

The boiling abyss
floods her senses
bursting through her soul
and claiming it
for the unnamable gods.

~Jeanette Andromeda

Featured Lady of Horror:

One complete badass I’d love to introduce you all to is the author, Kelli Perkins. Kelli is a horror author and all around amazing person. You can hear one of her stories, “Idle Hands,” on The Wicked Library Podcast: http://thewickedlibrary.com/718/. Her story has a way of making you rethink some of your notions about good and evil.

If you’d like to give her a digital high five, you can find her on Twitter as @kellip539.

To read some of her work, I’d recommend checking out her blog and her book.

Created By You:

Last week we greeted the Super Blue Blood Mooon, and here’s what you created.






Like My Artwork?

Then have a look around my Society 6 store and see if there’s a print or two you might need in your life.  Today’s artwork is currently available in my store as well. Check it out here: Society6.com/horrormade


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