With Valentine’s Day right around the corner I wanted to bring a little love into the conversation today. A twisted love that is. *cackles*

Today’s post includes

  • A little inspiration
  • A shout out to one amazing lady horror creator
  • The poetry you created last week
  • And a Valentine’s Day gift I made for all of you.

So let’s jump on in!

To Inspire You:

Love Potion 2


Ensnared by the scent
of love turned toxic, Cupid
became her new prey.

~Jeanette Andromeda

Featured Lady of Horror:

As a continued celebration of Women in Horror Month I wanted to shout out one badass horror author and poet you all should know, Kerry E.B. Black. Kerry is not only a frequent contributor to the Horror Haikuesday challenge, but she also writes for www.Halloweenforevermore.com, www.GamesOmniverse.com and has her own blog over on kerrylizblack.wordpress.com.

There’s one particular short story she wrote that think you guys would enjoy called “The Edge.” This piece was a response to a prompt which challenged her to write a story that stayed exactly at a 99 word limit. It was an interesting challenge and I really like her take on it. Here’s the story, if you’d like to give it a read: The Edge

Go ahead, let her know she’s doing an incredible job.

You can Tweet her: @BlackKerryBlick or go give her a like on Facebook: facebook.com/authorKerryE.B.Black.

Created by You:

Last week we Answered the Abyss. Here’s what calls echoed through the dark:

A Valentine’s Day Gift for You:

And last, but not least; I wanted to give each of you guys a card to show my undying adoration of you. But given the nature of the internet, it was easier to show you how to make one and then give you some free printable downloads so you could make it for yourself.

Yeah, it’s kind of a backwards way to give a gift – with the whole “Go make it yerself” thing… But, it’s all for you anyway! ❤

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