Good morning haikuers! I appologize for the tardy post. I’ve been fighting with internet connectivity this morning as I’m traveling and workin’ with what I’ve got. And apparently, what I’ve got is my phone. My connection is better over data right now but posting from here means embedding your haiku the way I normally do is next to impossible. So what I’m going to do is share a couple of your poems and once I get a better connection, I’ll add everybody else back in. Without further ado-

To Inspire You:

How to make new friends:

One stack of body

parts and your handy dandy


Created by you:

Here are a few responses to last week’s Valentine’s day prompt:

They never knew he

stole her heart, until he tried

Putting it back.

Written by Ben Walker @bensnotwriting

What a way to die

With your hands around my neck

Take my breath away.

By @lucindad16

Forever at war

Angel and demon smoulder

Their forbidden love.

By A.F. Stewart @scribe77

Thank you all for visiting! And I look forward to seeing your work on Twitter today!

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