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Family Portrait

Beneath their chilly
calm demeanor they plot hu-
manity’s downfall.

~Jeanette Andromeda

Featured Woman of Horror:

This poet and author of horror is a powerhouse of creating unsettling tales. A.F. Stewart is the featured woman of horror today. And I know I’ve mentioned her on the blog frequently, but I can’t recommend her and her work to you enough. She has a fantastic blog, publishes new books frequently and is forever promoting the work others create.

If you’d like to check out some of her work, I recommend trying out her newest book, “Ghosts of the Sea.”

If you’d like to give her a digital high five, you can find her as @scribe77 on Twitter, or on   her blog:

Created by You:

Thank you for your understanding of the Necromancer post last week. I was really counting on clean wi-fi to get things out on time and alas… that’s not what the cards had in store for me. But enough of that, let’s read what wonderful things you guys wrote last week!



This one cracked me up!





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