The echoing strains of winter still grip my world. Yet only days ago I saw the briefest flicker of sun. I know the end is near.

Well, the end of winter any way. 😉 Even though the endless expanse of grey sky is promising yet more snow in the near future, I’m incredibly glad to be this much closer to springtime and sunlight. So, what better way to think upon rebirth than to explore the echoes of the past?

To Inspire You:

railroad to haikuesday

~ Echoes ~
No destination
yet the passengers wait and
the squealing breaks fail.
~Jeanette Andromeda

Created by You:






Need a little more inspiration?

One of our fellow horror haikuers, Kelli Perkins, has this fantastic monthly newsletter called the Bleeders’ Digest. I had the distinct pleasure of sharing some thoughts of the spawning point of horror in my life last month. And I’m excited to hear more from Kelli and her guest authors in the future.  And if you guys would like to read the next Bleeders’ Digest go ahead and sign up here: Bleeder’s Digest

bleeders digest

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