I had a cold that knocked me out of commission for the last couple days which meant I got to indulge in an activity I rarely do- I binge watched season after season of design competition reality TV shows. And it started with Netflix’s new show “Nailed It”. What I love about this show is that they bring competitors into a baking competition who have little experience in baking. But a lot of good intentions. The hope is that they come out with hilariously lopsided creations. And boy do they. So, while binge watching TV I was inspired to make my own Nailed It competitor.

Meet Madera.

She’s a stay at home monster, living under the rocks at the end of the river. Which river? Every river throughout all of time, of course. As a way to control her urges to chase after and capsize passing ships she’s taken up baking. But she can never seem to get the combinations right, no matter how closely she follows the directions she found on Pinterest.

To Inspire You:

nailed it


Sugar and spice and
everything nice, but maybe
too much nightmare dust.

~Jeanette Andromeda~

Created by You:

Last week we explored the outer edges of space and here are the stories that made it back into our atmosphere from our intrepid explorers.














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