Although I drew this initial sketch a while ago, I was pulling a lot of influence from the Wicked Library’s most recent episode, “Tunda” by Micheal Landry while touching it up . If you have some time and need an extra boost of inspiratu, definitely give this episode a listen:

To Inspire You:

beast b.jpg

From the Pages of Doctor Phineas Ainsley

I only caught a
glimpse of the creature as it
fled the scene of its
hideous feeding grounds,
but a glimpse was all it
took to sear its visage
into my memory forever.

~Jeanette Andromeda

Created By You:

Last week you created some beautiful, melancholy, and sometimes hilarious haiku based on my Festering Artwork. Let’s read them, shall we?







Here’s a little haiku tag between Kylie and Kerry that I loved:





Thank you all for visiting, and I’ll see you again next week! Same bat time(9am EST) Same bat place, (here and on twitter using #HorrorHaikuesday).


8 thoughts

      1. How about something for The Song?
        The title and the story is such that i found it really difficult to put in an appropriate featured image (ended up with a jukebox)!
        So maybe something that is creepy and catches the mood of the story?

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