Computer difficulties with today’s upload aside, I’m glad to be re-joining you here in this dusty corner of the web to continue our ritual to fend off the demons with Horror Haikuesday.

To Inspire You:

who goes there c.jpg

With a Salt Loaded Shotgun in Hand

Simon Hells, monster
hunter at your service. You
summon, we banish.

~Jeanette Andromeda

Created by You:

Last week we turned through the dusty pages of Haikuesday to discover some new monsters in the forests of our minds. Here are the stories you had to tell:












Question for you:

What have you been creating outside of Haikuesday lately? I’d like to check it out. Leave a link to something you made recently in the comments below and I’ll pop by and check it out.

Happy Haikuesday my firneds!


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