Hello my friends! Today along with the artwork I have a video to share! Some of you have already watched this, but I posted a video last Thursday that shows how I created today’s artwork. And in the voice over I share how I ended up being a bloggin’ YouTubin’ artist. And it all started with body image issues and a production of Pinocchio. But enough about that, here’s today’s Horror Haikuesday prompt:

To Inspire You:

alchemy lab 2.jpg

The Investigation Begins

She asks and the spark
Of flickering life responds
“Not a fall… Murder.”

~Jeanette Andromeda

Video Detour:

The Poems Created by You:

Last week’s prompt was a sullen pair of twins. And I wanted to let you guys know, if you do happen to miss Haikuesday on the day of, you’re still more than welcome to join in. I usually try to grab everyone’s poems the night before this post goes live so no one gets missed. So Bert and Loren, no worries! I got you ❤

Thank you guys for visiting and contributing! I’ll see you next week, where we’ll be having a guest artist on to inspire us along the way!

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