Hello my friends! Today we’re mixing things up a little bit with a guest artist! Please join me in welcoming Jeremy Slaygoth to Horror Haikuesday!

*Please imagine the sound of a crowd cheering here.*

Jeremy is a horror artist from Massachusetts USA and works most often in pencils and inks. He has a bold expressive style that I’m excited to be sharing with you. And I’m extra grateful for Jeremy sharing his artwork with us because I am currently on my way to Flagstaff Arizona to gawk and drool at the grandeur of the Grand Canyon. So, thank you Slaygoth for helping me not stress out so much!

And now, on to Haikuesday!

To Inspire You:

Today we have two pieces of artwork created by Jeremy Slaygoth to inspire your creative mind. 1st up “Demon.”


Taken Over

Claws burst forth from the
flesh of my fingers and my
screams of agony
transform into howls
of hunger. Vision turns red
and I become them.

~Haiku by Jeanette Andromeda

And now, “Rot”


Cannibal Corpse Cries

Hidden in dripping
Flesh, hungry eyes silently
Cry out for your braaaaaiiiiinssssss.

~Haiku by Jeanette Andromeda

Poetry Created by You:

Last week we reawakened the dead with the following poetry:













Connect with Slaygoth:

Go growl (in a friendly way, of course) at Slaygoth on Twitter or go tell him what your favorite movie is over on Facebook. He’ll surely have some interesting thoughts to share with you.

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