Today I’m thrilled to be sharing the work of the extremely talented comic artist Alex Murd. Alex is one half of a duo of creators making Murd Comics. (James Murd, also a hella talented creator, is the other half). The piece from today is from their original series, “Devil’s Music”. But reader beware, a lot of their content is for 18 and older audiences. If you happen to be over 18, I highly recommend checking out their comics:

On to today’s creations!

To Inspire You:

This artwork was created by Alex Murd of Murd Comics.



Eyes glow boiling
Fission and fury, a storm
No known force can stop.

Haiku written by Jeanette Andromeda

Created by You:


Need More Murd?

You know you do. If you enjoyed today’s artwork make sure to go check out the prints Alex has available over on There’s a ton of stuff to make your bookshelves and walls a little more badass. πŸ˜‰




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