Today we have artwork from a 14 year old artist hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA. Her name? She goes by  “The Big Bad Bonnie.” TBBB works almost entirely in MSPaint for her artwork. (Which I can tell you is incredibly difficult. Imagine trying to write a full novel on a typewriter and you’ll get the idea.)  Between art, stories and music she is constantly creating and I’m so excited to join her on her artistic journey.

To Inspire You:

I have a few pieces of artwork from The Big Bad Bonnie that I would like to share with you, including some of her original music. Let’s start with “Count Trancelor.”


Even in Hell

Spirits love to dance
until their souls feel like they’re
flying away, free.

~Haiku by Jeanette Andromeda


And here is a second piece The Big Bad Bonnie created just for us!


horrifying wolf big bad bonnie

Little Red Fought Back

Just a snack they thought
but the “defenseless” young girl
had claws of her own.

~ Haiku by Jeanette Andromeda

Make sure to show this young artist some love and hey, maybe surprise her with a few new subscribers to her YouTube channel. I know it would make her day. Click here to see her channel: The Big Bad Bonnie on YouTube.

Created by You:

Last week we tuned our radios to Short Wave Transmissions by Benjamin Blake. Here are the stories that leaked through the airwaves:







Thank you all for visiting and playing along with our Tuesday tradition of creativity and spooky poetry!

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