Today we have guest author, Daniel Foytik, visiting us from The Lift Podcast. What is The Lift? Oh, you’re in for a treat. The Lift is a short story format podcast where the stories revolve around a mysterious building with a little girl named Victoria appearing inside. It doesn’t matter where or who you are, Victoria will appear at a tipping point in life to help you make a decision that will decide your fate. The Lift’s stories feel a little bit like the Twilight Zone and a little bit something entirely original.

Which is why I’m incredibly excited to welcome The Lift’s creator, Daniel Foytik to our Haikuesday activities.

To Inspire You:

The artwork was created by me, Jeanette Andromeda, for The Lift Podcast with poetry by Victoria Bigglesworth Hayes. Yes, that little girl I mentioned earlier. 🙂

Victorias lift season art 2018 FINAL.png

Forgotten shadows
dwell here – lost, forgotten, as
their owners change.

Stories to explore.
Lost visitors I will guide
through their fear to change.

Arriving lost, afraid,
They find the future forward.
Rising, lifted up.

What awaits you here?
Dark halls full of those who failed
To see and chose light.

~Victoria Bigglesworth Hayes

Make sure to go give The Lift a listen, believe me, you won’t regret the choice:

Created by You:

Last week we had 14 year old artist, The Big Bad Bonnie, sharing her artwork. And your poetry seriously made her feel welcome. Let’s see what you created:

Thank you so much for all the support guys!

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