Hello my friends! It’s another wonderful Haikuesday. Today we get to welcome a new guest artist whom we already know their frequent contributions on Twitter as @selkiemade. Well, our friend Celkie Leigh is not only a poet, but an artist as well. So today I would like share some of their artwork to help keep you inspired and creating.

To Inspire You:

Artwork, “Echo’s Angel,” acrylic on canvas created by SelkieMade:

selkie echos angel

Echo’s Angel
Tested then outcast.
Found wanting but still needing
Hope to be set free.

Haiku by Jeanette Andromeda

More About Today’s Guest Artist:

Celkie grew up in the swamps of Florida. They dream of ocean waves and slow dark currents. It’s reflected in their art and writing. Worlds filled with water and wonder.

If you would like to see more of their artwork, check out their Deviant Art account (though, just a heads up, there is some NSFW content there): www.deviantart.com/selkiemade and you can follow them on Twitter here: www.deviantart.com/selkiemade

Created By You:

Last week we were visited by Victoria and Dan from the Lift Podcast. Here are the stories you told:






What’s Horror Haikuesday?

Horror Haikuesday is a hashtag challenge that lives every Tuesday here and on Twitter. Here, I post the weekly prompt and share last week’s creations, and on Twitter poets and creatives share original haiku of a horror theme based on the art prompt of the week. Check it out as it happens live: #HorrorHaikuesday

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