Hello Friends and welcome back to another cozy Horror Haikuesday. For today’s inspiration we are locked in a room with no way out except for the hints given to us by today’s guest poets, the creators of the Texas Podcast Massacre, Mitch, Nate, and Lisa!

Texas Podcast Massacre is a weekly show where the hosts, Mitch, Nate, and Lisa talk about horror movies, tv shows, video games, and discuss the many layers of the genre. It’s a lively, horror-tastic way to enjoy geeking out with some incredible people. I recommend checking out their podcast, which you can find on Apple Podcasts, Android, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn and anywhere else you find podcasts.

To Inspire You:

For today’s haikuesday I wanted to highlight one of their favorite episodes, the one all about Saw,

Uncaring doctors. Elaborate traps. So many keys. The movie that launched 1000 escape rooms. Join the TPM crew as they pitch their escape scenarios for the next Jigsaw movie and discuss the twists, turns and influence of James Wan’s 2004 classic ‘Saw’. (texaspodcastmassacre.com/reviews/saw)

Here is some original Saw themed artwork I made to pair with poetry created by our friends from the Texas Podcast Massacre:

andromeda saw.png

(Also, I just have to say, I love the punny play on words here XD ).

Created By You:

Last week we had some incredible artwork shared with us created by Selkie. Here are the poems that were born from it:









And one more bonus haiku from Texas Podcast Nightmare. Seriously, go check these guys out 🙂


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