Do you love visiting creepy places with a rich history? If yes, then Williamsburg in Virginia is one of the best places to visit. It has been a witness to both Civil and American Wars, making it a popular spot for those who are looking for a strange chill. One of the best ways to experience this would be through Colonial Ghosts, which is known for their Colonial Williamsburg ghost tour. It will take you to some haunted places, including those that will be briefly mentioned in the rest of this post.


Haunted Sites to Visit in Williamsburg 2

Peyton Randolph House

Considered as one of the most haunted places in Virginia, it is one of the first stops during your Colonial Ghost Tour. Throughout its history, it has been a witness to a number of tragic deaths. The house is owned by Peyton Randolph, a politician who came from an elite family. If legends are to be believed, the house was a nest of slavery. It even became an infirmary for wounded soldiers.

Peyton Randolph House
Peyton Randolph House (Illustration by Jeanette Andromeda)

Bruton Parish Cemetery

This cemetery is known for its 17th-century graves. It is the largest colonial cemetery in Virginia, making it worth a visit for a haunted tour. A part of the cemetery is the Bruton Parish Church, which has already attracted people who are chasing ghosts. The cemetery served as the mass burial site of more than 100 soldiers who were killed during the Battle of Williamsburg. It is said that their souls are still not yet at peace, which is why the place is haunted.

Williamsburg Public Gaol

This public jail is another creepy place that should definitely be a part of your itinerary. Prisoners here have suffered from typhoid fever. This resulted to slow deaths, which is said to have angered the prisoners who have died here. Because of this, they are still not at peace, which is why this is another popular place for ghost hunting. Dare to talk to one of the ghosts and see for yourself why this place is eerie.

Greek Revival Baptist Church

According to several accounts of people who have been here, they see ghosts that have been digging on the ground. Only you can find out! Visit the place and wait for the appearance of the ghost. See if it is able to find what it has been looking for. Or better yet, try talking to the ghost and ask what it is searching.


Galt Family Cemetery.jpg
Galt Family Cemetery (Illustration by Jeanette Andromeda)

Galt Family Cemetery

This is another cemetery that you might want to dare to visit if you are looking for the best haunted experiences in Williamsburg, Virginia. With a brick wall enclosure, this is where the members of the Galt family are buried. The family is known for the good things that they have done for the city in times of need, including overseeing the hospital and providing medical supplies. Despite such a good act, it is home to souls that cannot find their peace.

Looking for something that is exciting to do while you are in Williamsburg? Make the most out of your time and visit the places that have been mentioned above!

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