Hello friends! Today finishes off the slasher series created by our guest artist,  Samuel Bazdresch. I’ve really enjoyed sharing his classically influenced art with you guys and having the opportunity to get his work a little more attention. As it’s the last day, I’d like to know, what was your favorite piece out of the ones we saw this month?

To Inspire You:

Today’s painting is “Las Meninas” Oil on Canvas 3.6′ x 2.9′ which is currently for sale as the original and as prints. You can learn more about the original on Sam’s website: sambazart.com and you can buy prints through his store: redbubble.com/people/sambazart.



According to them,
All souls should know the joy of
such exquisite pain.

Haiku by Jeanette Andromeda, Artwork by Samuel Bazdresch

Created by You:

Last week we welcomed Sam’s work, Betrayer, into our imaginations and this is was was inspired:







Thank you all for visiting and I’ll see you with a brand new Haikuesday next week!

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