Hello my friends and welcome! Today is… kind of a lot. Emotionally, politically and environmentally, isn’t it? But rather than focus too much on the truly horrific, I’d like to share something playfully horrific that could use our help to promote it. IMG_1395 (2)

Today’s Haikuesday art is inspired by the little dolls being created by Jessica Arellano, called Phobia Friends! When Jess emailed me about her project I fell in love with these adorable little oddities immediately. And, just to be transparent with you, no I’m not being paid to promote this campaign, I just genuinely want to see it happen.

So, to inspire you today, I’ve drawn a mischievous portrait of one of our visiting Phobia Friends, the Nun!

To Inspire You:

the nun by jeanette andromeda

The Nun
She is mischief she
says grace, she wants to hear our
plump hearts race race race.
Haiku and Artwork by Jeanette Andromeda

The Phobia Friends Kickstarter is currently live! It’s the opportunity to have a little creepy friend living in your pocket, and to help an artist in our little horror community out.

Here’s the Kickstarter Campaign: kickstarter.com/projects/phobiafriends

And here’s a little more about it:


Created by You:

Last week we were inspired by a fluttery explosion of scary butterflies. Here’s what you created:







Thanks for joining! I’ll see you all on Twitter!


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