That magical time of the year is finally upon us! October! Which means Halloween everyday, #Inktober art everywhere, and for our little tribe, a happy upkick in Haikuesday enthusiasm. This month, I will be sharing my Horror Circus themed Inktober creations everyday on my social media accounts, so make sure to check those out to see all of the spooky fun art!

I’m also excited because a month on Horror Circus art also means the collaboration I’m working on with the talented poet Kylie Goetz is making some headway. So, she will be our featured poet of the month for October! Kylie is a frequent Haikuesday participant and a daily poet. How is one a daily poet? Well, she literally writes a poem a day on her blog:

To Inspire You:

tranquil horror circus.jpg


Sinuous sisters
Fill the tent with siren song
Oh, what lovely lures.

Haiku by Kylie Goetz


The melancholy
melodies melt through the air
calling me closer.

Art and 2nd Haiku by Jeanette Andromeda

Created by You:

Last week we bade farewell to our little Phobia Friends. Here’s the stories you wove:

See you guys on twitter!

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