So… I’m trying to accomplish a lot this October. Here’s the low down on that:


Which means, since I am finishing up illustrations for a book that’s coming out very soon, keeping up with my video and blog uploading schedules, etc etc.  I’ve fallen behind on my Inktober challenge, but the month isn’t over yet! I will do my best to catch up once this book is submitted! Plus, I have you lovely people to give me the excuse to spend a little time on Inktober at LEAST on Tuesdays.

BTW, I’m super excited for Rock and Shock (horror/rock convention) this weekend. If you’re going to be attending and would like to meet-up while you’re there, just let me know! It’s a super fun con, and I’ll add a Rock and Shock playlist to the end of this post, in case you’re curious about it.

Now, to the poetry prompt.

To Inspire You:


From our featured Poet of the Month- the talented Kylie Goetz!

Patchwork Bear

With ursine grace, he balances
Upon the pumpkin rolling
He shakes his tambourine
So you’ll think he’s rather droll and
Tame enough to pet
As he does a pirouette
But beware the patchwork bear
For he’ll tear you right in two
And if you’re lucky you’ll be sewn up
So you’re a patchwork you!

Written by Kylie Goetz of

And a little one from me as well. 🙂



Once upon a time
there was a little bear
who ran around here and there
forever without care.
Until one day he took a dare.

Into the circus he did sneak,
and did not pay to take a peek.
“Zip, zap, zoom!” the witch did shriek!
And the little bear turned all to ink.
But magic flows in October air and so he did become
the inktoBEAR.

~Artwork and 2nd poem by Jeanette Andromeda

Created by You:

Last week we were invited into the Horror Circus. Here’s what poems we found inside:

More About the Rock and Shock Convention:

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