Today I want to share a very quick but excellently crafted horror short called “The Tattooist.” This 1 minute and 19 sec short was created by director Micheal Wong and has been making waves at film festivals  this season. And I can see why. It’s visually beautiful and sharply brutal in equal measures. It feels like a glimpse at a fully fleshed out Hostel-style horror movie, and somehow does that in an extremely short span of time. I rather hope this does become a full length feature. If it does, I look forward to watching it!

I recommend you give it a watch, if you’re not too squeamish that is. There is an awful lot of blood.  🙂

The Short Film:

The Tattooist from Michael Wong on Vimeo.

A Look Behind the Scenes:

One of the things I love about horror, is everything that goes into making it. The director, Michael Wong, was kind enough to share a few behind the scenes photos with me, and I think they say so much about the attitude of the cast and crew on set. Which is to say, irreverent and probably a lot of fun.


Share the Horror:

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Thank you all for reading and thank you for helping me #supportindiefilm. ❤


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