Are you ready for Halloween yet? Got your candy for the trick-or-treaters? Are the pumpkins are ready to go? I got mine ready! Though less for the festivity of it and more for the stress relieving of it. I was in a bad space, mentally, last week. Just, exhausted and stretched too thin. But I turned it around and I’m feeling a lot more positive and ready to take on the world now! If you’re curious about either pumpkins or Halloween-y stress relief, you can see that here:

And now, to the Haikuesday goodness.

To Inspire You:

andromeda inktober expensive

Mark Antony and Caesar
both did their best to please her
oh yes, she set the world ablaze
back in her glory days
and now she’s breathing fire
for you with every gasp
unflappably inflammable
and damning every asp.

Poem by the talented Kylie Goetz of

Fire Breather

Ages dead and drap’d
in gauze this mummy queen greets
danger for applause.

Artwork and Haiku by Jeanette Andromeda

Created By You:

Last week we were stuck in a tiny angular maze. And here is what you created:

See you all next week!

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