Happy (almost) Halloween my friends! Today’s artwork is a sneak peek at what I’ve created to go with a video for Halloween proper. (And just so I say it, this version has been heavily color edited in photoshop. The piece for tomorrow looks a bit different.) Tomorrow’s video will IMG_2418feature a reading of “Quem Infra Nos” by Mark Nixon from the fabulous “Shadows at the Door” Anthology. If you need a spooky read to enjoy on dark nights, I highly recommend this one. It’s full of supernaturally motivated horror, that creeps slowly and sends shivers down your spine. With some breath taking illustrations by Barney Bodoano . (Seriously, his work blows anything I make out of the water!)

You can get a hard cover copy of the book here: shadowsatthedoor.com/store or you can buy the kindle version here: https://amzn.to/2Q5Swub

BTW: If you do buy a copy of the book through the Amazon link above, Thank you! Amazon will share a tiny piece of your purchase with me without any additional cost to you. So you’ll be feeding the authors, and this humble artist all in one go.

And now, to the poetry!!!

To Inspire You:

quem infra nos andromeda.png

As the sun sets

The wronged man hanged while
The hanged man wronged and the sky
wept blood for their loss.

Artwork and Poetry by Jeanette Andromeda

Created By You:

Last week the Queen of Fire Breathing sparked our inspiration. And here’s what you wrote:

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