Hello Haikuers! Today I would like you to join me in welcoming our featured artist AND poet for the month, Blake Lavergne! And I’ll have Blake introduce his work and the concepts behind it in his own words:


I am a self taught artist creating mixed media Dark Surrealism using any tool or supply that I can get my hands on painstaking using innovative and cross hatching techniques to transmute the idea in my head onto canvas through the Alchemy that is hard work.

My subject matter is the worshiping of Dark Art focusing on contemplation of the human condition and Death while expressing. Trying to grasp the vastness of the outward universe while trying to simultaneously cope with the inner universe that is our imagination and as a overall catharsis for mental illness ,
I truly believe that I would not be alive if it were not for my creations

I am also a published writer with several of my poems being published in a collection of poems for Sarah Lawrence College in New York

And publishing my first book of art and poetry entitled “Exorcism of a Poet “ with Janet Fitch ,Author of White Oleander writing the foreword for my book
“Enjoyed these drawings ,The graphic quality, the mood ,the sense of your hand. All best !”

To Inspire You:


Through Dragon breathing
Brimstone steaming
Nightmares dreaming
When I see you again ,
We’ll be Screaming.

Artwork and Poem by Blake Lavergne.

You can find more of Blake’s work on their Facebook page: facebook.com/blakelavergneartist and their Instagram: instagram.com/blakelavergne

Created By You:

Last week we contemplated the fate of the hanged man. Here is what you wrote:









Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you in the Twitterverse!

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