product_thumbnail.phpGood morning fellow poets of the dark and macabre. Today we continue our month long series featuring artist and poet Blake Lavergne.
Blake recently published his 1st book of poetry and art called, “Exorcism of a Poet.” If you would like to help support our dark artist of the month, you can do so by purchasing his book

To Inspire You:


Hanged from Halo glow

Swinging frow’
Before the gallow row
Above clustered poppy mallow
Learning to float like ghost flow
Hollow hallow

Souls mellow
Souls borrow
Souls shallow

By name ,
All of forever shall know

Spoken from gnashed teeth just before swallow

No love will ever follow

Poetry and Art written by Blake Lavergne

About the Artwork

Title: “The Muse has been Hanging Around”
Size: 8×10
Materials: Mixed Media
From the artist:
The essence of torment and mental illness  that seems to so often linger over those who create darker pieces of work and the beautiful sunset which represents the works they create and the boneyard which signifies the works that will be reveled once the artist dies. (Blake Lavergne)

Created by You:

Last week we braved the wrath of the dragon. Here’s what you all created:

Thank you for joining me this rainy Haikuesday. And I’ll see you on Twitter!

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