Good morning poets! Today we continue with our series featuring the artist, Blake Lavergne. Blake’s work has recently been displayed in the Haven Gallery “Enchanted Forrest “ Exhibit in San Diego, Creative York West “Beautiful Death “ in Pennsylvania and in in Squidink International Gallery in New Orleans. And now, it’s here-

To Inspire You:

One More Drag

The poison has made
my veins it's home, and death is
knocking a the door.

Art by Blake Lavergne, Haiku by Jeanette Andromeda

About The Art:

Apocalips – Mixed Media 11×14 

The end of times ..and a representation that my father was losing his battle with cancer An end of his time and mine as far as I knew it 

Blake Lavergne

Created by You:

Last week the muse was hanging around and you all created some chilling verse.

Thanks for joining and I’ll see you all on Twitter!

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