Welcome friends and lovers of the dark. For the next few weeks Horror Haikuesday will be featuring the art of John E. Richards.

About the Artist:

John Richards was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on December 7th, 1966. He grew up with three siblings. Like most children, he began to draw pictures at an early age and has never stopped.  His older brother Kerry was an avid fan of the classic black and white horror films and was instrumental in the development of Johns’ artistic interests. A major point in this influence was the year 1975 when Kerry purchased a copy of  The Fantastic Art of Frank Frazetta. The stark use of black and white ink drawings that Frazetta utilized was the call that John has since answered. At the age of twelve, John and his family moved from the city to an antiquated farm-stead on the edge of the Kettle Moraine State Forest. The house had been built in 1904, and the property had a number of much older out-buildings:  a cavernous hay barn, a weathered chicken coop, two grain silos, the original house, a well shed, and a double door maintenance building, all of which sat upon a hill surrounded by rolling farmland to the north and west, but bordered by intermingled forest and marshland to the east. It was during this time that he would explore the dark and unfamiliar surroundings of this rural environment, at first the mysterious structures on this seven-acre plot, then later into the nearby hills and dark woods. His current project is the culmination of many years spent amongst those shadows of imagination. He knew what lived in those out-buildings, the bogs, and the endless forests. And this is his work. John is a self-taught illustrator and aspires to establish an art center for talented children and young adults who think and dream beyond what they have been told.

To Inspire You:

“Cerberus” by J. E. Richards
Triple snarls of fate
Echo and reverberate
No hope past this gate.

Artwork by J. E. Richards Haiku by Jeanette Andromeda

Support the Artist

You can learn more about John and see more of his work on lastbreathstudios.com

Created By You

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See you next week wicked poets!

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