Welcome to a new month of horror and haiku! For the month of March, I am happy to feature a new artist, Nemesis Influx! But I’ll let them introduce themselves:

Hello I am Nemesis, self-taught artist working her way through all manner of inky mediums. My main body of work is simple black ink drawings based on religious iconography, occult, horror, metal music, and or anatomical themes.

I have hands in a variety of odd themes but I draw most of my inspiration from my religious upbringing and the personal kickback away from it.  I had always found in my old church the art there simple, and very effective. I loved it as a kid, the effortless glory and peace some of the statues and stained glass gave off. Ultimately, I want to highlight that same glory except on the more monstrous, less perfect looking forms that I connected with far better than any saint. I make these forms all the more striking by not giving them skin. By seeing the muscle beneath, I can show impossible forms fitting together. A picture that may take only three hours to draw may have taken me four hours’ worth of looking at different animal anatomies to make sure it all fits just right.

I hope my art makes people look, then look again to see the whole puzzle and appreciate the beauty and glory of monsters!

I am open for commissions and can be found on Instagram @Nemesisinflux as well as:

 I have more work available there along with my ongoing Blood and Thorns Tarot project!

To Inspire You

The universe's 
greatest hunter is the one
who created prey.

Art by Nemesisinflux
Haiku by Jeanette Andromeda

Created By You:

Last week the Haunted Heart prompted us, and here’s what you created:

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