#HorrorHaikuesday and The Father of Flesh

hI’ve started reading “The Father of Flesh” by Nicholas Paschall. And I immediately fell in love with the demons. (Go figure lol). I asked Nicholas if I could share a little excerpt of his chapter 1 demon and he said yes! So here’s some fan art and the description straight from the book.

To Inspire You:

It was vaguely humanoid in that it had two legs and stood upright, though the legs were malformed. Thicker than normal legs with corded muscle, the pallid things ended in a total of three toes, one long toe on the right leg and two stubby ones on the left. It’s skin was a pulsating pink that seemed swollen with fluid, straining against its hide as if it were about to burst. It had eight tentacles instead of arms, three sprouting from one side, five from the other, each ending in a four-fingered hand. Veins throbbed visibly as the creature clambered out of the well,leaving behind a trail of viscous fluid that shined a brilliant fuchsia and brown.

Most horrifying of all was its face. The head had twisted until it was completely upside down, flesh bubbling up to replace the neck and lower jaw. An open maw dominated the upper torso; it didn’t seem to be able to close. Saliva dribbled from the lipless mouth in great rivulets over the face; the eyes looked about wildly before they’d focused on Kwan. On it’s hunched back it had two multi-jointed arms that ended on pitted orbs, one of which turned as if regarding Kwan.

“The Father of Flesh” by Nicholas Paschall
Happy smile, Op-
-en maw, this little demon
wants to eat us all

Artwork and Haiku
by Jeanette Andromeda

I didn’t get all the details right, but I did have a lot of fun drawing this. I even live streamed the drawing:

Created by You:

I missed a post last week thanks to ER visits, so this is a bit of a catch-up post. And here’s what you guys created based on the artwork of Nemesis Influx.

Here are the unprompted Haikus of the week:

And here are the haiku you all wrote to make me feel better about my trip to the ER. Seriously- these helped. You guys are amazing ❤

To Each And Every One Of You

Thank you.

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