The Manticore of #HorrorHaikuesday

Face of a man, body of a loin, and a tail wielding spines of poison; the Manticore. Today’s beast of legend comes from artist, Nemesis Influx. Creator of iconographic blends of beast and man that question the basis of both.

To Inspire You

Artwork by
Nemesis Influx
The cursed conqueror
waits with patient calm for our
guard to be let down.

She floats above on
wings of our fragmented dreams,
ready to consume.

Haiku by Jeanette Andromeda

About The Artist

Sun Tarot by
Nemesis Influx

Nemesis Influx is open for commissions and can be found on Instagram @Nemesisinflux as well as:

Created By You

Last week our prompt was “Let’s get medieval!” Here is what you guys wrote using the #HorrorHaikuesday over on Twitter:

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