#HorrorHaikuesday Tetramorph

Let us kick off a fond farewell for our featured artist, Nemesis Influx!

All of you, Nemesis included, have been super understanding and supportive of my erratic posting these last few weeks. As many of you know, I’ve been dealing with some health issues and I can’t tell you grateful I am for your patience. So, let’s dig into the playfully macabre once more and see what poetry we can craft with this week’s featured artwork.

To Inspire You:

“World Card” by Nemesis Influx
- Angelic Tetramorph -

No choir needed,
Triple souls sing arcane words.
Then, madness takes hold.

Haiku by Jeanette Andriulli

Thank You, Nemesis Influx,

for sharing your art with us for the past month. I’ve really enjoyed seeing these beatific beasts romping around the pages of Horror Made, and seeing how playful the poetry got with this influx of monstrous snooper boopers.

How To Support The Artist

If you have enjoyed the artwork here over the past several weeks, share the love!

Share their art around, every RT helps!

You can also commission them by reaching out on Instagram @Nemesisinflux as well as:

Created By You:

Last week our Manticore took flight with these poems by you:

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