Recently, I was having a particularly stressful moment in my life. I had been to the ER several times for various issues and was super stressed out because I was also aggressively job hunting at the time. That day Alexander said, “Let’s get away for a bit.” And we bundled up in the car and went for a couple hour drive to this little place in Massachusetts called, Magic Wings.

This little warehouse is basically Narnia to a sick and stressed out little human like me. When you 1st walk into the conservatory you’re greeted by giant painted butterflies and glass ceilings which make even the greyest of New England days feel inviting.

Then you walk through a cute little gift-shop, past a really cool collection of poison dart frogs in terrariums into the conservatory proper and are met by a room overflowing with flowers and butterflies.

Magic my friends. The moment you walk into that room is what pure magic feels like. I put together a little bit of a video sharing some of the experience:

I’m curious, what do you like to do to de-stress and reconnect with yourself? For me, I think Magic Wings will be a good place to keep in mind when I’m having a particularly rough time. Though next time, I WILL be bringing my good camera and my sketchbook. That place was bursting with inspiration and I would love to spend a day just chilling there. Sipping on some tea and painting the butterflies.

If you would like to learn more about Magic Wings and perhaps plan a visit of your own you can find everything out right here:

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