One of the things I love about Horror Haikuesday is that week after week people write these poems and after a while they have enough to publish them. Well, not necessarily just haiku, but a collection of short horror and sometimes a haikuesday piece ends up in the mix.

Disregard the awkward intro.

What I’m trying to say is that I’m damn proud of Kerry E. B. Black for publishing her new collect Herd of Nightmares. And I thought she deserved a spotlight moment.

To Inspire You

Cover art for Herd of Nightmares by Kerry E. B. Black
Closing lids, flashes
of red, scratches of our frail
reality missed.

Haiku by Jeanette Andromeda
Inspired by the story "Red Spots"
by Kerry E. B. Black

More Inspiration:

If you need more inspiration go buy and devour Kerry’s new collection “Herd of Nightmares.” It’s a devilishly delightful mix of poetry and short stories.

You can purchase her book right on Amazon. Click [HERE] to check it out!

Created by You

Last week’s prompt was Galvanic Dreams. And here’s what you created using the prompt art:

Stay creative my friends!

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