Welcome creatives one and all! I am very excited to begin bringing you some fresh inspiration featuring the work of fellow dark artists. This week I have a surreal illustrative painting from Milica Jovanovic Syed Mahmud.

To Inspire You

Artwork by Milica Jovanovic Syed Mahmud
The vortex of time
at the village edge demands
she answer its call.

Haiku by Jeanette Andromeda

About The Artist

Milica was born in Serbia and currently lives in Austria, Vienna. Her work tends to be mixed media. Acrylics, oils, inks and everything else is her playground for creation.

Here’s a little directly from Milica about her work.

What inspires me most is chaos of emotion. No definitions no borders. We loose ourselves in other people, places, moments, dreams, time,…In someway, my art is soul searching and obsession with time. The clock is ticking!

Milica Jovanovic Syed Mahmud 2019

You can find more of Milica’s work by visiting the links below:



Created By You

Last week’s prompt was a celebration of Kerry E. B. Blick and her new collection, “Herd of Nightmares.” Here is what you created:

I actually had one haiku sent in through email last week, so I want to say thank you to Wynja for making my inbox a more creative place. ❤

The  future is here
The needle, the pain, the beast
Time is running out

Haiku by Wynja
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Thank you all for playing along. To watch everything unfold live, watch the #HorrorHaikuesday or @Horror_Made on Twitter!

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