Malignant #HorrorHaikuesday

Welcome to another week with some beautiful work from our featured artist, Milica Jovanovic Syed Mahmud.

Looking at Milica’s work seriously feeds my imagination. There are so many layers and details to pull from and I can see so many stories unfolding in just this one image.

Which element grabs your attention first?

Which one sparks your haiku?

To Inspire You

Artwork by Milica Jovanovic Syed Mahmud
There's a malignant
bomb ticking inside my chest.
Please, just diffuse it.

Haiku by Jeanette Andromeda

About The Artist

You can find more of Milica’s work by visiting the links below:

Created By You

Last week we were inspired by Milac’s art in the form of Milica’s #HorrorHaikuesday Adventure. Here is what you created:

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