Sometimes life is the act of balancing between two fragile threads. The difference between fire and frying pan, a rock, and a hard place. Sometimes, life is that breathless balance in between, and the only thing that keeps us up is the tension between two difficult choices.

It is these thoughts that linger in my mind when I study this week’s piece by Milica Jovanovic Syed Mahmud. And I am reminded that all we have is slipping time. So, let’s make the most of it. Respect that terrible balance, and find a way to be the butterflies that float in between.

To Inspire You

Artwork by Milica Jovanovic Syed Mahmud
If I cut the strings 
that hold me, will I be free
or free falling?

Artwork by Milica J. S. Mahmud Haiku by Jeanette Andromeda

About The Artist

undefined Milica was born in Serbia and currently lives in Austria, Vienna. Her work tends to be mixed media. Acrylics, oils, inks and everything else is her playground for creation.

You can find more of Milica’s work by visiting the links below:

Created By You

Last week’s prompt, Malignant #HorrorHaikuesday, sparked the following poems created by you:

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