Hello everyone, sorry to have missed last week. There has been an insane amount going on in my life and its forcing me to change up how I approach Haikuesday. That being said, I would like your feedback on how I’m changing it up.

Currently, I have two options I think would help me keep up with posting by giving me a chance to schedule posts ahead of time. (Which is becoming the main problem. I don’t have a *consistent* time each week for blogging. Just random nights where I can batch process a few posts.)

Option 1) I continue to post the art prompts here on the blog but leave out embedding the tweets of the poems you guys write in the main posts. Then, at the end of each month post a poetry round-up highlighting some of the poems you wrote.

Option 2) I move the entire Horror Haikuesday experience over to Twitter and have it be a weekly Twitter game.

Which would you prefer?

On To The Inspiration

For today, I have a little post from Haikuesday’s past when it was changing from Two Sentence Story Tuesday with stories written by Patrick Rahall of the Throwdown Thursday Podcast into the Haikuesday you see today.

Here’s one of my favs:

A thick cascade of illustrated razors in rusty browns and splashes of red. At the bottom right corner is a white key with a skull on the handle grinning  out at the viewer.
Artwork by Jeanette Andromeda

Needle in a Haystack

Don’t get me wrong- finding a needle in a haystack is monumentally difficult. Finding the key to your bonds in a stack of double-bladed razors is much tougher

Two sentence story by Patrick Rahall

If you would like to read more from the Two Sentence Tuesday collaboration you can find it here https://horrormade.com/2015/08/04/two-sentence-story-tuesday-transforms/

Thank you all for your support and patience while I get my life sorted out again. πŸ’œ

4 thoughts

  1. Of the two choices, Twitter game sounds better.

    Is the issue not finding enough hours in the week to do it all, or not the right hours in the day to post Tuesday mornings?
    Can’t you both schedule the WordPress and have that push to Twitter (or schedule a Twitter post with the link to the scheduled blog via Tweetdeck?)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My challenge is embedding the response tweets reach week into the post. It makes it so I end up having to write the post on Mondays (since my new job has gobbled up weekends.) If I left out the embedded posts I could batch schedule posts once a month and keep up.


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